I Got An Instax Mini 8 Camera…and Now I’m Obsessed

So I’d always wanted a Polaroid camera of some sort, but I’d always managed to convince myself that I didn’t need one…until now.

I already have two other cameras and I’ve always managed to write off a Polaroid camera as something I really didn’t need because, well, I have two other cameras and I already knew that Polaroid camera film was expensive to buy.

But when I walked into JB Hi-Fi the other day to look for a new hair straightener (something that I actually need right now because my old one is dying), I somehow came back out with this:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Camera in Raspberry

Isn’t she beautiful? I’d actually been keeping tabs on this range for a while but the price had never been right and I hadn’t been such a fan of the pastel colours, but these new colours (Raspberry and Grape) had been released recently and when I saw this one…I knew it was fate.

What got me to buy it other than the colour though was that it came in a box set full of other goodies at a really good price ($96NZD). This ‘Limited Edition’ pack that Instax was doing came with the camera, strap, batteries, one pack of film, a camera pouch and a card frame to put a photo in.


Obviously this camera is not for serious photos – I’ve got my ‘serious’ camera for that – but this camera is just so much fun to play with. It takes me back to the good old days before digital cameras when I’d take photos on film and have no idea if they turned out good until I got them printed. Of course with this camera it prints out instantly, so the wait isn’t as long but the excited anticipation and feeling of mystery is the same.

My photos in my Moustache cup until I find a better home for them

This was totally an impulse buy on my part but I would much rather call it an early Christmas present…to myself. I’m in love with it already and I can’t wait to take photos with friends and family and use it in Germany next year.

So, do you have an Instax camera? Are you getting it as a (totally perfect) Christmas gift for someone? I’d be interested to hear about other models too, so let me know!