Germany: The New Adventure

So I’ve bought my one way ticket to Germany (don’t worry Mum, I’ll buy my return ticket soon!) and the ball is now in motion for the plan that has been in my mind for so long. This is actually happening – I’m going to Europe this year and I’m SO excited!

How I Feel Right Now

The Reason

You’re probably wondering why I’m going to Germany of all places and the answer is pretty simple. Mein Schnucki came all the way to New Zealand for me last year and once his year-long Working Holiday Visa runs out in March, it’s time for me to return the favour! (I actually wanted to go to Germany for 2014, but we decided it would be easier for him to come over here first.)

The Plan

My plan is that I am going to live in Germany this year on a Working Holiday Visa. I am going to (hopefully) work part-time and then explore Germany and the surrounding countries the rest of the time with my Schnucki.

The Visa

Luckily, being a New Zealander means that I can be in Germany for the first 90 days with a Schengen Visa, and in that time I can apply for my Working Holiday Visa, which will allow me to live in Germany for a year.

The Difficulties

The German language, of course. I can speak English and I can speak Japanese, but German…not quite.

It may be hard for me to get a job as my German language skills will be limited at the start, so I’m counting on my English and Japanese skills to somehow (fingers double crossed!) to get me through.

Things To Get Done

  • Buy my plane ticket to Germany
  • Buy my return ticket
  • Renew my passport before I go

My Main Goals For Germany

  • Become at least semi-fluent in the German language (Hey, I’m not going to put too much pressure on myself!)
  • Soak up as much of the German culture and lifestyle as I can
  • Regurgitate what I’ve seen and learnt by incorporating it back into my art and writing
  • Visit family members and catch up with my European I-House friends
  • And most important of all – HAVE FUN!

What I Think of When You Say ‘Germany’

Sausages, beer, Oktoberfest, pretzels, baumkuchen, Weinachtsmarkt, The Grimm Brothers, Nazis, The Holocaust…

Now that I’ve listed all of the stereotypical stuff out off the top of my head, hopefully it’ll make way for the real stuff!

Passau beer glass filled with lollies

What I’ve heard people say about Germany

  • Germans and Japanese people have similar personalities
  • You are strongly encouraged not to jaywalk
  • The recycling systems are brilliant but very intricate
  • Germans are much more open about P.D.A-ing
  • There is no speed limit on the Auto Bahn/motorway (the thought of this terrifies me)
  • People can bathe in public pools stark naked (the thought of this terrifies me even more)

I’m quite interested to find out for myself whether any of these things are actually true…

Is anyone living/has lived in Germany before? All advice and help is very welcome, so fire away!