Amy’s Art: My DIY Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour T-shirt


We’re off to Cologne tomorrow to see Taylor Swift live at Lanxess Arena for her 1989 World Tour and I am SO EXCITED. I’ve been listening to Taylor since I was a young whippersnapper in her Tim McGraw and Our Song days, which is nearly ten years ago now (man, she has done a lot in that time).

I missed her the last time she was in New Zealand for her Red Tour and the 1989 Tour isn’t even going there this time, so I was determined not to miss this opportunity while I was in Germany. Plus, my sweet Schnucki got me tickets last Christmas (thank you!). So in honour of this special occasion, I decided to paint a T-shirt for tomorrow night.

Now, in an ideal world where I would actually prepare things in advance, I would have drawn up a design weeks ago and then sent it away to get professionally printed onto a T-shirt. But this is the real world and I am a lazy person that only does things at the last minute and under pressure. So…here we go.


First, I went out and bought a basic white T-shirt at H & M. I think I got it for  just under five Euros.


I got a piece of cardboard and put it inside the top and stretched the fabric over it as tight as it would go, then pegged all of the corners down. This would make it easier to paint on and keep everything in its place.


Next, I got my trusty Acrylic Gesso out and painted a circle on my T-shirt board. The Gesso provides a nice foundation for the acrylic paint, which I was going to use afterwards. Again, in a perfect world, I would have used proper fabric paint so the top could be washed and worn again, but I was running out of time and resources, so acrylic paint was just going to have to do.


Now it was time to block out the main shapes and colours with acrylic.


Then it was time for some detail. I always liked the seagull imagery used on the 1989 CD cover, so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into my painting somehow.


And then a little more detail and…we’re done! Easy peasy. I still wish I had gotten onto this quicker and had a design professionally printed but maybe next time, huh.


So, did you like my T-shirt design?

Are you going to any of the Taylor Swift 1989 Tour dates too?