Maryanna Hoggatt: The Amazing Artist Who Inspired Me To Sculpt

Loomie // Dream Guide

This is one of those instances where one click on the internet can really change your life…my life, to be exact.

It all started about a year ago when I was on WordPress Reader (you have to know that I’m rarely on WordPress Reader, so this story starts off with an unusual occurrence already), and I just happened to notice the ‘recommended blogs for you’ bit on the left hand panel of the page.

Usually I ignore those things, but there were about three recommended blogs listed there, and I suppose one of them caught my eye, so I clicked on it. That one fateful click took me to Maryanna Hoggatt‘s old WordPress blog, which she doesn’t use anymore but she keeps accessible anyway (thank goodness!) and then I saw her artwork:

Ness // Eyes + Hands

Her Animal Battle maquette sculptures was what really got me. I’d never seen anything like them before -it was pure imagination in three dimensional form.

Art that is the most inspiring to me always has to take me to another realm, another world of rich stories and possibilities, whether it be through traditional art form, music or books. And Maryanna’s work did just that.

LeeLoo // Dream Guide

I loved the story line she had created for her characters and I could imagine their individual personalities with ease. It was awe-inspiring and it probably would have stayed at just that level for me, if she hadn’t also posted how she had made her first few sculptures.

The Making of Tolly

This was the real catalyst for change within me. Maryanna had written with such detail on how she had made her first character Tolly, with what tools she’d bought and how she’d gone about making him with photos at every step, that by the end of it I just knew I had to try this out for myself.

Mr. Sleepy

I had such an overwhelming feeling that I needed to do this – like it was a sudden and unshakable call of destiny or something, that I researched more about sculpting right away and gathered all of the materials that I would need for it as fast as I could.

Maryanna is now working on Tolly The Book – coming out this year!

And so Tama and my Kimono Cat Collection were born. I love artists who are generous enough to share the process of how they make their work and I’m especially grateful to Maryanna. She provided me with an invaluable insight into something new like sculpting, which I had never even considered doing before, but now love to do.

It is so strange how life can lead you to big things with the smallest of starts – as small as one click onto an internet link.

Thank you, Maryanna – you changed my life!


For more information on Maryanna’s work:

Offical website (

Instagram (@leetlewolf)

Twitter (@leetlewolf)

Ello Blog

(All images in this post are borrowed from Maryanna’s website – click on the photo to follow the link!)


So, did you love Maryanna’s work as much as I did?

Has anyone ever inspired you to do something you’d never done before?