The Passau Kunstnacht is one of the biggest events of the year and I got to be a part of it by exhibiting my Kimono Cat Collection – it was a dream come true!
Welcome to the making of the fourth feline in my Kimono Cat Collection! Here is how I made my latest clay creation, the lovely Maiko cat called Fukunae.
The third Kimono Cat is complete! Meet Tsubasa the Graduation Cat now!
The third feline in my Kimono Cat Collection is nearing completion and I can’t wait to show you all!
People couldn’t believe we were wasting precious holiday time by spending two nights in Düsseldorf. But we had a hidden agenda with Düsseldorf. A hidden Japanese agenda…
Kimono Cat number two is finally complete – MEET AGEHA NOW!
My second Kimono Cat is finally near completion and I’m so excited! This one has taken far too long for my liking – and not because of reasons you may expect…
I absolutely adore Kyoto, it’s like a second home to me. So here are some of Kyoto’s most famous sights!
While I was living in Kyoto, I got the chance to go to one of Japan’s most famous cat cafés!
After two and a half months of work, Tama is finally complete! I am so relieved. MEET TAMA NOW!
The Making of Tama Part 3 is finally here! Phew, this leg of the journey took a long, long time.
Welcome to Part Two of of how I made my first Kimono Cat called Tama!
Here is Part One of how I made my first Kimono Cat called Tama.
If you told me you only had time to go to one out of the hundreds of shrines in Kyoto, I would immediately try to convince you to go to Fushimi Inari Shrine.
Get ready to be hit by a tidal wave of nostalgia, 90’s kids!
To me, Kyoto is like an ex that I can’t forget. We had a year long love affair and even though we’re apart now, my heart is still there. If I close my eyes, I’m back in Kyoto, clear as day. I just can’t let go.
Although Japan is well known for being a world leader in new technology, the vast majority of people still use cash for almost all daily transactions.