One of the best places that I got to see in 2016 was the magical little island of Mykonos in Greece. We thought things couldn’t get any better in Mykonos, but they did. (They really, really did!)
My darling Schnucki whisked me away on a surprise trip for my birthday weekend and we ended up in Innsbruck, Austria!
The Passau Kunstnacht is one of the biggest events of the year and I got to be a part of it by exhibiting my Kimono Cat Collection – it was a dream come true!
I went to Greece to reunite with my high school friends and what an epic reunion it was! Our first stop in the Greek Islands was Santorini…
Today is my birthday and it is also the second anniversary of this blog! Yippee!
It’s strange to think that I’ve been living in Germany for more than a year now. I feel like this time has flown by in a blink of an eye!
This is one of those instances where one click on the internet can really change your life…my life, to be exact.
After spending New Years in Hamburg, my family and I headed up to Denmark by bus to visit the spectacular capital city of Copenhagen…
Earlier this year I was lucky enough to tag along with my Schnucki and his parents to the Hobbiton Movie Set whilst on our road trip around New Zealand – and what fun it was!
So it’s my birthday today and it’s also the first anniversary of my blog! Hooray!
While I was living in Kyoto, I got the chance to go to one of Japan’s most famous cat cafés!
Here are 21 things no adult ever tells you about breaking into ‘their’ world…
Get ready to be hit by a tidal wave of nostalgia, 90’s kids!
Here are my tips on how to survive the dreaded Long Distance Relationship and I’m not going to lie – sometimes it was really, really, really hard.
Four years on, Christchurch city is still recovering. People say that it is going to take more than fifty years to get Christchurch back to the level it was before the earthquakes.
It all happened today, 4 years ago. The 22nd of February 2011 is a day that Christchurch will never forget.
It all started on a Saturday morning. The 4th of September 2010, to be exact. At 4:35am, Christchurch was shaken awake out of its slumber by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.
So I’d always wanted a Polaroid camera of some sort, but I’d always managed to convince myself that I didn’t need one…until now.