Amy’s Art

The Passau Kunstnacht is one of the biggest events of the year and I got to be a part of it by exhibiting my Kimono Cat Collection – it was a dream come true!
Welcome to the making of the fourth feline from my Kimono Cat Collection! Here is how I made my latest clay creation, the lovely Maiko cat called Fukunae.
This is one of those instances where one click on the internet can really change your life…my life, to be exact.
The third Kimono Cat is complete! Meet Tsubasa the Graduation Cat now!
The third feline in my Kimono Cat Collection is nearing completion and I can’t wait to show you all!
Kimono Cat number two is finally complete – MEET AGEHA NOW!
My second Kimono Cat is finally near completion and I’m so excited! This one has taken far too long for my liking and it’s not because of reasons you may expect…
Watercolour drawings starring Vivien the Victorian fox inspired by 1870’s fashion!
After two and a half months of work, Tama is finally complete! I am so relieved. MEET TAMA NOW!
The Making of Tama Part 3 is finally here! Phew, this leg of the journey took a long, long time.
We’re off to Cologne tomorrow to see Taylor Swift live at Lanxess Arena for her 1989 World Tour and I am SO EXCITED. So in honour of this special occasion, I decided to paint a T-shirt for tomorrow night.
Welcome to Part Two of of how I made my first Kimono Cat called Tama!
Here is Part One of how I made my first Kimono Cat called Tama.
On October 25th last year, I attended the opening night of The Day 100 Show, and what a night it was!
I participated in The 100 Days Project from July to October last year and to be quite honest, it was a bit of a creative breakthrough for me.
Here are some of my favourite gifts I’ve made for my friends and family in recent years.