New Zealand

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to tag along with my Schnucki and his parents to the Hobbiton Movie Set whilst on our road trip around New Zealand – and what fun it was!
Here are just a few of the famous beaches in the Coromandel we got to visit during our great NZ road trip!
Here are 21 things no adult ever tells you about breaking into ‘their’ world…
In honour of New Zealand Music Month here are some awesome Kiwi music artists, besides Lorde, that you need to know about, stat.
Four years on, Christchurch city is still recovering. People say that it is going to take more than fifty years to get Christchurch back to the level it was before the earthquakes.
It all happened today, 4 years ago. The 22nd of February 2011 is a day that Christchurch will never forget.
It all started on a Saturday morning. The 4th of September 2010, to be exact. At 4:35am, Christchurch was shaken awake out of its slumber by a 7.1 magnitude earthquake.
Living in Auckland for a year allowed me to explore the city and find cosy little niches that I came to call my own – so here are just a few of my favourite places!
We have been living in central Auckland (New Zealand’s biggest city) for the past year now and looking back in hindsight, I don’t think I would do it again – here’s why.
If all you associate New Zealand with is Lord of the Rings and sheep, here are some other things you need to know…