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Amy’s Art: The Day 100 Show 2014


On October 25th last year, I attended the opening night of The Day 100 Show, and what a night it was!

The final exhibition of The 100 Days Project was held at four venues last year including Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne and IJsselstein in the Netherlands. Over 2,000 people from 17 different countries participated in the project and although I was at the biggest 100 Day Show which was in Auckland, the works exhibited there represented less than ten percent of all projects.

Emma Rogan doing her opening speech

“The Project goes on for too long to be just fun. It really does become work.” – Emma Rogan, creator of The 100 Days Project

The Auckland show was held at the Thievery Studios on K’ Road and although it wasn’t such a big venue, 100 Day artwork covered every available wall space, nook and cranny. The opening night was PACKED with people – and I mean the I-can’t-even-move-or-breathe-because-there’s-so-many-people-in-here sort of packed.

There was free pizza, soft drinks and wine handed out by Emma’s team and it really was the perfect way to celebrate the end of 100 days of everyone’s art, creativity and pure determination. There were so many amazing and thoughtful works made out of all sorts of materials by people from all walks of life – just to look through them all was inspiring.

Here are some of my favourite projects from The 100 Day Show:

(I apologise for not knowing the artists’ names to credit their work!)


















One of my favourite projects to follow throughout the 100 Days was the one above, which was made by design graduates who showed their frustration at not being able to find full-time work. As I was also a recent grad last year, I could completely relate to their trails and tribulations.

My favourite quote from their project



I wasn’t able to complete my 100 drawings, but I got my project shown on the projector screen at the exhibition.

The 100 Day Show poster

What I really love about the idea of The 100 Days Project is that anyone can participate. You don’t have to be a professional, you don’t even have to know much about art, all you have to do is create.

So, did you like the show? Will you also be giving The 100 Days Project a go this year?



Amy’s Art: The 100 Days Project 2014


I participated in The 100 Days Project from July to October last year and to be quite honest, it was a bit of a creative breakthrough for me.

The 100 Days Project was created by Emma Rogan (from New Zealand, yay!) and it is a project that anyone, anywhere, any age, can participate in. There are only two rules:

1. You will repeat a simple creative task every day for the duration.
2. You will record each days effort.

The project is wonderfully simple, yet deceptively challenging.

Some people took a photo every day for 100 days, some people wrote a poem, some people did yoga poses; each project was as different as each individual taking part. I decided to do what I love best – draw.

I’d read about people who had done the project the previous year and the advice everyone gave was the same: KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID (K.I.S.S!). With this in mind, I decided I would keep my theme wide open, and draw whatever inspired me at the time. I drew and painted my pictures on size A5 paper and at the start it was going really well…until it wasn’t anymore.

I had an awful full-time job at the time which had ridiculously long hours and I was hardly ever home, let alone with enough time to draw. But I knew that would be the case when I started the project – I’d already accepted that. What I hadn’t accepted was that an A5 drawing/painting a day for 100 days was actually too much, it wasn’t simple at all!

In the end, even though I wasn’t able to reach Day 100, I did get to exhibit my work at the final 100 Day Show. Despite juggling my job and my art, I was so proud of myself for just trying to make my art a priority, for once. That and seeing my work at the final exhibition, on show for everyone to see – now  that was an awesome feeling of achievement.

Here are my top favourites from my 100 Days Project 2014:

Day 1 – Cool Dog


Day 5 – Hair Bow


Day 8 – Fear & Loathing


Day 9 – Wings


Day 11 – Three Toed Sloth


Day 16 – Salmon Cat


Day 19 – Pegasus


Day 48 – Salt & Pepper


Day 49 – Taco Puppy


Day 54 – Edo


Day 55 – Rose Rabbit



I felt so relieved once the project was over. It was so much harder than you’d think it would be.

But don’t worry, this won’t be the last you’ll see of me. I am coming back with a vengeance for this year’s 100 Days Project – I am determined to finish it once and for all!

On a side note, if you need inspiration for gifts, I made Christmas presents for my family by getting some of my drawings printed onto t-shirts and they loved them! (I got one for myself too, naturally).

Cool Dog T-shirt

If you want to know more about the project and its inception, here is Emma Rogan (the creator of The 100 Days Project) talking about it at a TEDx conference in Auckland. It’s a really good watch!

So, which was your favourite out of my drawings? Will you be participating in this year’s 100 Days Project too?