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Japan: The Cat Café Experience

Cat Café Nekokaigi

Warning: This post contains a lot of cute cats.

While I was living in Kyoto, I got the chance to visit one of Japan’s most famous cat cafés called Cat Café Nekokaigi. The café is located in the heart of Kyoto and if you haven’t guessed already by the name, it is a place where you can play and relax with cats whilst sipping leisurely on your tea or coffee.

So basically, it’s the best café ever.

Lids for the drinks to keep the cats out

The admission fee was 900 Yen for an hour and an extra 400 Yen for every thirty minutes after that. You could order hot or cold drinks there which were 200 Yen each, but it wasn’t compulsory to buy drinks. After stowing away our bags in the lockers provided, we ordered one iced coffee and one iced chocolate, respectively.

And then it was time to play! There were about six or seven cats lounging about the room who you could play with using the cat toys provided – or you could just sit back and relax whilst observing their funny feline ways.

Surprisingly, cat cafés do not rank that high on the zany Japanese idea list compared to the likes of the prison-themed cafés, ninja restaurants and of course, the infamous maid cafés dotted around the country. A cat café seems pretty normal compared to that, I think!

A lot of apartments in Japan are either too small to have pets or don’t allow pets at all, so Japanese cat lovers flock to places like this to get their feline fix.

There have been a lot of experiments and studies done about the healing power of animals and being surrounded by cats seems like a pretty perfect way to unwind and de-stress!

Although it was really fun to play with the cats, I couldn’t help but wonder if this café was their only home. The room was big, but it didn’t have any access to outside (it was located on the second storey) and I hoped the cats weren’t cooped up in there all day, every day. Some of them did seem a little bored with all of the constant attention.

The café’s poster child

Other than that, it was a really fun experience that is perfect for any cat lover!

The very fitting Nekobus clock in the café

For more information about the café and their resident cats visit:

Cat Café Nekokaigi – Japanese Website

Cat Café Nekokaigi – English Website

So cute ♥

So, did you enjoy the Japanese cat café experience?

Would you like to go to one too? Do you know of any others?