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Innsbruck: My Surprise Birthday Trip Full Of Mountains, Alms And Imperial Gardens


My darling Schnucki whisked me away on a surprise trip for my birthday weekend and we ended up in Innsbruck, Austria!


Innsbruck is the capitol of Tyrol state in Austria. The whole city is surrounded by towering mountains, making it a major hub for winter sports and it is famous for hosting the Winter Olympic and Winter Paralympic Games on more than one occasion.


Time and time again Austria has surprised me with its underrated charm and grandeur, and Innsbruck was no exception. We found the Altstadt and inner city easy to navigate and the major attractions were all in walking distance, which is something that I love to see in cities. (My wallet was also thankful!)

“Please do not lean on the wall!”

The Goldenes Dachl or Golden Roof is one of the most famous icons of Innsbruck, which was built in 1500 for emperor Maximilian I and his wife to look over the town square below and enjoy the festivities from the balcony.

Goldenes Dachl

The city name ‘Innsbruck’ means ‘Inn bridge’ because of the river Inn that runs through the city from the Swiss Alps. Seeing the Inn was a welcome sight to us because beleive it or not, the river also runs through Passau which is further downstream. We joked about throwing a message in a bottle in the river and how it might reach us by the time we got back to Passau.

The Stadtturm clock reflected in the windows of Helblinghaus

The Hofburg or Imperial Palace in Innsbruck was once used by the Habsburgs and was considered to be as important as Schönbrunn Palace and the Hofburg Palace in Vienna. It was hard to see much of the Innsbruck Hofburg from the outside, but we did go to the Hofgarten or Imperial Gardens behind the palace, where autumn was in full swing.

Hofgarten Imperial Gardens

The sun blessed us with her presence on my birthday, so we decided to go up the mountain in a cable car to Hungerburg station. There were also two other stations after Hungerburg that went even further up the mountain, but we (and our wallets) decided that the first was probably enough to look out over the city.

Pension Alpina

And boy, were we right! The view out over Innsbruck city and the surrounding mountains along with the autumn colours was breathtaking.

View from Hungerburg station

For some reason I had been expecting Hungerburg to be a village full of eateries and shops to peruse, but I was way off the mark when we got there and found only residential houses and one café by the station that was crammed full of families and kiddies. (It was a Sunday and the Alpine Zoo was located one stop before Hungerburg).


We wandered around in search of something else to do and stumbled upon an area map which showed the local Alms in the vicinity. An Alm is typically an alpine pasture with a little hut or house that serves food and drinks on the mountains. We decided to go for the closest one called Arzler Alm and promptly followed the path that lead into the forest.

Arzler Alm (1067m)

Although it was the closest Alm and the map said it was a mere 30 minute walk away, we were not accounting for it to be a 30 minute steep uphill forest trek, which is what it ended up being! But long last after much huffing and puffing (we were obviously not ready for hiking at all) we came into a clearing with goats, chickens and rabbits and the Arzler Alm.


“If you go to an Alm, you have to drink an Almdudler,” is what my Schnucki said to me as we were climbing, reminiscing about his family holidays in Austria where they would do just that. Almdudler is a popular Austrian soft drink that is also sold in neighbouring countries like Germany, and it’s a drink that I’ve really come to like since being here. A slice of cake and cold Almdudler really hit the spot after our hot mountain walk up to the Alm!

Million dollar view from our hotel room window

Although we were only in Innsbruck for the weekend, it turned out to be the most perfect birthday trip! Thank you to my Schnucki for organising it all and I hope we can return in winter to explore even more of the city in its peak season!


So, did you like Innsbruck as much as I did?

Any recommendations for Innsbruck winter activities? Let me know!