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Les Diablerets: Christmas Winter Wonderland In The Swiss Alps

Les Diablerets

In December 2015, my family came over to Europe from New Zealand and we had a magical Christmas together in the Swiss Alps. First we went from Munich to Lausanne and met up with our relatives who lived there, and they took us up to their best kept secret: Les Diablerets.

Les Diablerets township

Les Diablerets was a small alpine village and ski resort in the canton of Vaud, Switzerland. We got there by a 40 minute train ride from Lausanne to Aigle, and then we switched to the Chemin de fer Aigle-Sepey-Diablerets; a historic little mountain train that took us up to the altitude of 1,160 metres where the village was located.

The little devil of Les Diablerets

Les Diablerets means ‘the abode of devils’ in French and the symbol of the village was a little devil playing a flute, which was everywhere. The village legend says that when rocks fell down the sides of the mountains, it was the fault of the little devils that were throwing rocks at the Quille du Diable, or the devil’s skittle on the mountain.

The little devil motif on houses

Besides the little devil, the real charm of the village were all of the old wooden chalets. Every chalet had different designs in the beams, balcony and woodwork and the result was just beautiful – I’d never seen houses quite like it before.

A typical Swiss mountain chalet

There was already snow on the ground when we got to Les Diablerets, and we had clear blue skies the whole time we were there with an average temperature of about 12 degrees Celsius! I had been dreading how cold it was going to be up there, but we ended up having the best of both worlds – snow and warm days!

Kids playing in the snow

The township had everything we needed in walking distance: a supermarket, cafes, souvenirs and ski supply shops. My family had been staying in Munich for the past few days and they said it was a relief to get away from other tourists. And they were right – most chalets belonged to Swiss families so everything felt very local indeed.

Beautiful timber chalet


Local transport

A lot of people were cross-country skiing across the village as a faster means of transport, which amused me because it wasn’t a sight I was used to. There was also a lot of ice skating and ice hockey games going on within the village.

Symbol of Switzerland – the Swiss cow bells

A lot of the chalets had the year it was built painted on it and some even had the Swiss cow bells hanging from the banisters.

Chalets up the hill

Our chalet was down in the valley, so we would only get direct sunlight until about 2pm, after that the sun was hidden behind the mountains and we would be left in shade. The chalets up on the hill were placed better and got a whole lot more hours of sun!

Snow bunny

My cousin and I spotted this cute rabbit hopping around our chalet more than once and it turned out to be the neighbour’s pet. (I would have been quite happy to adopt it!)

Our humble abode

The inside of our chalet turned out to be even better than the outside with warm wooden interiors with an authentically rustic feel. There were nine of us together in this chalet but there was plenty of room for all!

Garden view

We went up to the glacier ski field on the mountain for a day, but the rest of the time was spent opening presents, playing games and eating far too much. We even had a classic Swiss dish for dinner one time – a mouth watering cheese fondue!



So, did you like Les Diablerets as much as I did?

Stay tuned for the next installment of going up to the Diablerets glacier!