One of the best places I got to see in 2016 was the magical little island of Mykonos in Greece. We thought things couldn’t get any better in Mykonos, but they did. (They really, really did!)
My darling Schnucki whisked me away on a surprise trip for my birthday weekend and we ended up in Innsbruck, Austria!
I went to Greece to reunite with my high school friends and what an epic reunion it was! Our first stop in the Greek Islands was Santorini…
Today is my birthday and it is also the second anniversary of this blog! Yippee!
It’s strange to think that I’ve been living in Germany for more than a year now. I feel like this time has flown by in a blink of an eye!
After spending New Years in Hamburg, my family and I headed up to Denmark by bus to visit the spectacular capital city of Copenhagen…
People couldn’t believe we were wasting precious holiday time by spending two nights in Düsseldorf. But we had a hidden agenda with Düsseldorf. A hidden Japanese agenda…
While we were staying in Les Diablerets in Switzerland, we took a day trip up the mountain to the Glacier 3000 ski field…and what a breathtaking experience it was!
In December 2015, my family came over to Europe from New Zealand and we had a magical Christmas together in the Swiss Alps!
On our last day in Vienna the capital of Austria, we took a train out to the spectacular Schönbrunn Palace and what a sight it was!
My dad came to visit so we decided to rent bikes for two days and go cycling across the border into Austria!
It was my first time in Switzerland last week – we went to the French speaking city of Lausanne!
We went to Vienna last weekend for a three day holiday and I was completely blown away by the city!
We went on a road trip to the magnificent city of Salzburg and it turned out to be an amazing day trip!